It all started one summer in 1996 with two surfers from Venice, California - Neil Carver and Greg Falk. They wanted to surf the warm waters of the Venice Breakwater, but it was as flat as a lake. So like the many generations before them, they took to the streets with skateboards in search of hills to surf. As they dropped in on those asphalt waves, they were struck with how unlike surfing the experience was. They really missed the snap and drive of the modern surfboard, with that pivot from the tail that lets you pump a wave for speed, and cut back into the pocket. They were left only imagining the performance they wanted, unable to get that feeling with any skateboard on the market. After experimenting with many new designs and dozens of prototypes, Carver made its first production trucks. Today, after 26 years of continuous innovation, Carver is proud to continue to lead the revolution in surfskate and provide that stoke to a new generation of riders from around the globe.

In this video piece, Neil goes deep into the Carver Skateboard archives to show you how the original surfskate truck was developed:


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